Home & Commercial Window Repair in Oklahoma City

Your vehicle isn’t the only source of glass that’s often in need of upkeep. A home or business may not be as mobile or exposed to regular damage as your car, but they’re nonetheless prone to unexpected accidents. And so, in order to be Oklahoma City’s all-in-one solution, Eagle 1 Autoglass is available for home window repair and commercial glass repair in addition to our auto work!

It could be inclement weather, a stray ball thrown from the yard next door, or a break-in, but the end result is the same: cracked or outright shattered windows. Such a breach can have serious consequences regardless of its severity, which makes a prompt response and thoroughness with the restoration important. If it’s small enough, you may be tempted to put off repairs and put up with whatever minor inconveniences come with it. Like many things in life, however, a broken window can bring on more issues than are immediately apparent, and can get worse if left untreated:

Window Leaks

A leaky window that lets even a trickle of rain, for instance, can cause issues with not only the sill beneath it, but with the surrounding walls, the floor, and the ceiling also: the exposure to moisture can cause your paint to peel and the wood to mold or rot if left untreated for long enough.

Outside Elements

Exposure to the outside air can also affect the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning, which can ramp up your utility bills.


And, should worse comes to worse, a broken window means an even weaker point of entry into your residence that was already vulnerable, to begin with and something an intruder can and will use to their advantage.

Eagle 1 Autoglass can replace just about any type of glass for residential and commercial locations, including:

Exterior windows

It could be a simple, small pane over your kitchen sink or an entire wall of flat glass at the front of your office building; whatever type of window your home or business may have, we can replace it.


Your decorative tables certainly look nice, but will pose a problem (and won’t function particularly well) if their surface cracks or outright shatters. We handle the smaller, more delicate glass that comes in your furniture, too!


The largest element of your bathroom creates an eyesore (not to mention leaks) if its doors or walls are compromised. Let us seal it back up and keep it looking good!


Most of us have at least a few of them scattered around our bathroom, bedrooms, and common areas. Let us fix them up, no matter their shape or size.

They may not come with quite so many dangers when broken as the panes set into your outside walls, but a broken bathroom mirror or shower door will need replacing eventually. Why not let Eagle 1 Autoglass take care of it all in one swing?

We do home window repair and commercial glass repair within 30 miles of our location on South Broadway. Oklahoma City residents should give us a call at (405) 737-2063 to learn more, discuss pricing, or set up an appointment. Get in touch with us today!