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Can Winter Weather Break Your Windshield?

November 27, 2019 4:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The winter months present so many challenges, from getting through the stresses of the holiday season to persevering through the cold, icy weather. Harsher weather conditions make so many things more difficult. Even your daily commute seems like a burden when winter arrives. As a premier supplier of auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, we often see what can happen to windshields during the bone-chilling weather of winter. Will the cold weather crack your windshield? Auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, just like any other type of glass, is sensitive to temperatures. Heat makes glass expand, while cold makes it... View Article

How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Your Auto Glass?

November 5, 2019 11:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As we find ourselves already in the middle of autumn, you can feel the shift in the temperature. While our afternoons in Oklahoma are still warm, the nights and early mornings are significantly cooler already. What do these extreme fluctuations in temperature mean for us? If you said “sweater weather,” you’re not wrong. At Eagle 1 Autoglass, however, this time of year means our calendar will quickly fill with requests for car window repairs in Oklahoma City, OK. Fluctuating temperatures Temperature changes cause glass to expand and contract, just like water. As the temperature fluctuates from one extreme to another... View Article

What Can I Do to Make Sure My Auto Glass Is Top Notch This Fall?

September 24, 2019 11:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You can feel the temperatures beginning to drop, see the colors changing in the trees and smell a crispness in the air. The weather is shifting, signaling that fall is here to stay for a while—time to prep your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK for the new season! Here’s what you should do to make sure your car’s windshield, windows and mirrors are ready to handle the fall. Perform a windshield check Your windshield has several jobs. It allows you to see out the front of your car, keeps bugs, breezes and road debris from hitting you in the... View Article

Who Invented Tempered Glass?

September 5, 2019 10:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is about four time stronger than normal glass. While normal glass shatters into jagged shards, tempered glass breaks into tiny, nearly harmless pieces. Tempered glass is often used in situations where safety is a concern, such as: Glass entrance doors Microwaves Patio furniture Shower or tub enclosures Side and rear car windows Skylights As a local source for car window repairs in Oklahoma City, OK for over a decade, we’ve made knowing all there is to know about glass a passion of ours, from how it’s made to who first made... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Safety Glass and Tempered Glass?

August 22, 2019 10:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Safety glass? Tempered Glass? It’s all the same, right? Actually, they are quite different. As the local experts in auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, we find that people are often surprised to learn that safety glass and tempered glass are not the same thing. So, to help clear up the most common misconceptions, we thought we’d talk about the difference between these two types of glass. What are the similarities? First, let’s start with why people think safety glass and tempered glass are the same thing. Well, it’s because they serve the same (or almost the same) purpose. Safety... View Article