Winter-Related Problems That Could Damage Your Windshield

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It doesn’t take a genius to understand the value of having a pristine windshield in your primary vehicle. After all, you need the thing to see through! When a chip or crack forms, that ability is diminished. When you’re behind the wheel, and your vision is compromised, that means you’re putting the safety of yourself, your passengers and the people around you at risk.

Potential problems with your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK rise exponentially in the wintertime, when the cold wind nips at your ears and everything seems to be icy to the touch. As you’re making your way through Oklahoma City this winter, be wary of the stress that the season can put on your windshield.

Damage goes from bad to worse

That little chip in the corner of your windshield or that inch-long crack in front of the passenger’s side of the window may not mean much during the summer, but when the temperatures drop, the glass of your windshield begins to expand. If the glass isn’t a single unified piece, that seasonal expansion puts stress on the glass that can cause chips and cracks to grow into real problems.

Rapid temperature changes

Between November and March, most people in Oklahoma are doing what they can to fight the cold whenever possible. That means cranking up the heat in our homes and in our cars. When you get into your vehicle, turning the heat on full blast is a bad idea. Sure, you’re cold, but if your windshield is frozen, the sudden, intense heat could cause a crack to form.

The right tool for the job

The easiest thing you can do for your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK is use an ice scraper (and only an ice scraper) to clear snow and ice from your windows and windshield. Using a soft-bladed shovel may seem like a useful time-saver, but you’ll find plenty of time lost if you have to fix scratches or scrapes.

Be patient with your wiper blades

Most of the year, we get to leave the house, jump in the car, turn the ignition and head to work. During the winter, however, you’ll need to plan ahead, especially if your car is parked outside overnight. That goes double for days when snow is falling during your commute. It may be tempting to hit the street quickly and use your windshield wipers to fend off the falling snow, but it’s essential to give them time to thaw. Frozen wipers may leave your windshield with scratches.

The area’s best glass tech

At Eagle 1 Autoglass, we can help undo the hardships of winter with state-of-the-art maintenance and replacement of auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK. We’re dedicated to making sure that your car’s or truck’s windshield provides you with crystal-clear vision.

With one quick call, one of our courteous and professional mobile technicians will be right by your side. All you have to do is pick up the phone. For the best care and service in Oklahoma City, make it Eagle 1 Autoglass. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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