Auto Glass Mistakes to Avoid During the Winter

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Automobiles are complex machines made of hundreds of components. From the engine to the transmission, drivers are regularly reminded to service what is underneath the hood of their vehicle, but what about the part that is right in front of their face: the windshield? All too often, the windshield and the other pieces of auto glass used in cars or trucks are ignored. Since 2008, we here at Eagle 1 Autoglass have learned quite a bit about windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, including some of the biggest mistakes drivers make during the winter.

Not fixing chips or cracks

Every part of your vehicle experiences regular wear and tear as you drive every day. Consistent maintenance on your car or truck includes oil changes, tire rotations and repairing any blemishes on your windshield. Unfortunately, too many people ignore the chips and cracks that develop on their windshields. Before the winter conditions get too frosty, you want to get your vehicle to a provider of windshield replacement in Oklahoma City OK. Your windshield might not need to be replaced, just repaired. Either way, don’t wait for the unforgiving winter climate to further damage your windshield.

Clearing snow and ice with a shovel

While clearing your driveway with a snow shovel is totally fine, you absolutely should not use this tool on your car’s windshield. Yes, it seems like a snow shovel is just a big auto glass scraper, but you could cause serious problems for your windshield and/or windows. Opt for a plastic ice scraper to use on your windshield, mirrors and windows instead.

Using water to clear off ice and snow

Some people think the secret to getting to work on time during the winter is splashing boiling hot water on cars’ windshields and windows to clear off the ice and snow. While nine times out of 10, this might not cause a problem, that one time it does, it will cost you quite a bit to fix. A much better method for clearing off your vehicle before heading into the office is the tried and true one: using a plastic ice scraper and having the defroster set on low. Wait until the ice thaws before scraping away the remainder of what is on your car.

Overusing windshield cleaner

Yes, there is windshield cleaner fluid available that won’t freeze unless it’s extremely cold, but you still want to avoid overusing this substance. While the bottle says it won’t freeze until the temperature is -20℉ or whatever claim it makes, wind chill and other factors can cause the cleaner to freeze and further worsen any existing auto glass cracks or chips.

Running icy wipers

Your windshield wipers are likely coated in ice when you wake up in the morning during the winter. Again, use your defroster to melt away this ice so you’re not dragging hard icy rods against your windshield. The ice can cause scratches and intensify cracks or chips.

You’ve avoided making all of the common mistakes, but sometimes windshields and windows break. If this happens, Eagle 1 Autoglass is here for you. Call us today for the best in windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK.

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