Can Winter Weather Break Your Windshield?

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The winter months present so many challenges, from getting through the stresses of the holiday season to persevering through the cold, icy weather. Harsher weather conditions make so many things more difficult. Even your daily commute seems like a burden when winter arrives. As a premier supplier of auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, we often see what can happen to windshields during the bone-chilling weather of winter.

Will the cold weather crack your windshield?

Auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, just like any other type of glass, is sensitive to temperatures. Heat makes glass expand, while cold makes it contract. The biggest concern for your windshield is when the temperature fluctuates drastically and quickly. However, your car or truck is unlikely to experience this type of extreme temperature change in such a way that it would affect your windshield. That’s the good news.

What causes windshield damage during the winter?

The bad news is that there are plenty of other potential causes of windshield damage during the winter. For instance, the extreme cold weather will add further stress on your windshield if it was not installed properly. This additional pressure on your windshield will eventually lead to costly cracks or chips that will need repair.

As previously mentioned, temperature fluctuations impact the stability of auto glass. In a rush to get to work, you might blast your defroster or consider splashing your windshield with a bucket of hot water. While this might help you get where you are going faster, the wrong conditions can backfire and lead to your windshield severely cracking or breaking entirely.

Unfortunately, the slow and steady approach is the best method for properly clearing your windshield before hitting the road. A plastic ice scraper with your defroster turned on low will get the job done. Definitely avoid using a metal ice scraper at all costs.

Winter weather means increased usage of your windshield wipers. When was the last time you checked your wipers or even replaced them? If they are old with barely any rubber on them, the plastic or metal frame of the wiper is scratching your windshield every time you turn on this vehicle feature. Take a few minutes to look over your wipers and, if needed, pick up a new pair and install them before the winter weather conditions turn nasty.

Before the winter season started, what was the condition of your windshield? Maybe a few tiny cracks, perhaps a chip here and there. As condensation seeps into these damaged portions of your windshield, it will freeze (expand) and melt (contract). All of these changes will result in cracks getting longer and chips getting bigger.

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