Why Should I Replace My Windshield This Fall?

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You rely on your car to take you from one destination to the next. It’s for this reason and to avoid costly damage that you need to care for and maintain your vehicle, including the windshield. Read on for the benefits of tackling windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK during the fall:

  • Stay safe: If your car’s windshield has several noticeable cracks, chips or other kinds of damage that have been epoxied in the past, or there’s a large deep crack running across the length of the glass in either direction, it’s probably beyond repair. Too much damage will compromise the structural integrity of the windshield and create unsafe driving conditions for you and other motorists. Replace that windshield before it breaks completely.
  • See better: It’s difficult to see clearly through a windshield that is covered in chips and cracks. Even more inconvenient is a big crack set directly in the driver’s line of sight. You cannot drive safely without a clear view, which increases your risk of causing an accident. Windshield repair and windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK reduce accident risks by restoring visual clarity out the front of your vehicle.
  • Save money: Replacing a damaged windshield saves you money in the long run compared to paying for numerous chip repairs. If you do need a new windshield, check with your auto insurance company. Many will cover the cost of minor windshield repairs, such as epoxy injections into small chips and cracks. Some also cover the entire or most of the cost of standard auto glass replacement, but you will have to call your insurance provider to find out what they cover. Don’t worry if your insurance doesn’t cover window replacements—you may find competitive and reasonable replacement prices at a local auto glass shop.
  • Add a new seal: When water and moisture get into glass cracks during the cooler fall months, there’s risk for freezing and expansion inside the damage. This can spread the damage to other areas of your windshield overnight. Another problem is water and air getting into your vehicle through cracks and chips. It’s best to completely replace a damaged windshield before colder weather sets in.
  • Protect your car: Your car’s windshield plays a major role in the overall stability of the vehicle. For example, a windshield in good condition helps hold up the frame of a car during an accident. Without it, the car can get smashed down and injure the driver and passengers—or worse.
  • Aesthetics: Whether you have a newer or older vehicle, having a damage-free (or relatively damage-free) windshield just looks better. You’re less likely to feel self-conscious about driving places, be it to the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment, your in-laws’ house or a fancy dinner party. The windshield is the part of your car you see the most while behind the wheel. Make sure it doesn’t have chips and cracks to distract you from the road ahead.

If you want to invest in windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK this fall, look no further than the quality team at Eagle 1 Autoglass. Call us today for more information!

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