What Can I Do to Make Sure My Auto Glass Is Top Notch This Fall?

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You can feel the temperatures beginning to drop, see the colors changing in the trees and smell a crispness in the air. The weather is shifting, signaling that fall is here to stay for a while—time to prep your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK for the new season! Here’s what you should do to make sure your car’s windshield, windows and mirrors are ready to handle the fall.

Perform a windshield check

Your windshield has several jobs. It allows you to see out the front of your car, keeps bugs, breezes and road debris from hitting you in the face when driving, shields you from the elements and acts as a safety barrier for you and your passengers. And believe it or not, windshields even contribute to the structural integrity of motor vehicles. Because it plays so many important roles, you want to ensure your windshield is always in top condition, and the change of the season is a good time to perform some simple checks.

Look for chips and cracks of any size. They may not seem like a big deal, but the weather conditions going from warm to cold can make small damages bigger. Get minor chips, cracks and dings fixed as soon as possible to avoid a total windshield failure this fall.

Repair or replace windshield

Cooler and rainier weather conditions can affect your ability to see through your windshield. Navigating is made worse when the glass is riddled with cracks and pits, whether they’re new or they’ve been there for years. Fall also brings other things that can damage auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK. This list includes rain, hail, wet falling leaves, heavy winds and broken twigs and branches, all of which are hard to predict. Not to mention that any moisture inside cracks can freeze and expand the glass, making cracks worse.

It’s important that you take your car to an auto glass professional as soon as you notice a chip, scratch, crack or ding in your windshield. Weather has a huge impact on auto glass, so even the smallest chip, if not repaired quickly, can transform into a dangerous crack overnight. Major cracks will likely require a complete windshield replacement.

Inspect all other auto glass

Don’t forget to inspect the front and rear windows, back window and sunroof for damage. This check should also include a scan of rearview and side mirror glass. Make any necessary repairs to these other auto glass components as well.

Check wiper blades and fluid

Windshield wipers are necessary for safe driving in rainy weather. No matter how new they look, make sure to replace the pair come fall, or at least once a year. You should replace them even if they were used only once or twice during the summer, because wiper blade material breaks down in the elements, and especially in the hot sun. Finally, check the windshield wiper fluid and top it off if needed.

Quality windshield installation services and auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK are not hard to come by when you go to the right repair shop. Call Eagle 1 Autoglass today to schedule an appointment!

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