What’s the Difference Between Safety Glass and Tempered Glass?

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Safety glass? Tempered Glass? It’s all the same, right? Actually, they are quite different. As the local experts in auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, we find that people are often surprised to learn that safety glass and tempered glass are not the same thing. So, to help clear up the most common misconceptions, we thought we’d talk about the difference between these two types of glass.

What are the similarities?

First, let’s start with why people think safety glass and tempered glass are the same thing. Well, it’s because they serve the same (or almost the same) purpose. Safety glass and tempered glass are both considered “safety” glass. Both types of glasses are typically used in cases where shattered glass could prove highly dangerous. In a car, for example, you want to avoid having a windshield that shatters into shards every time a piece of gravel hits it at 60 miles an hour. The same goes for glass doors or glass tables. In all of these instances, you’ll find that either safety glass or tempered glass will be used. Now let’s talk about the differences.

How are they made?

The main difference between these two types of glass is how they are made:

  • Safety glass: Safety glass is also known as laminated glass, and this is because of the process used to make it. Laminated glass is made by using a plastic film or resin to adhered two pieces of glass together. When broken, the pieces of glass are still held together by the plastic layer between them.
  • Tempered glass: High heat and a special cooling process are used to make tempered glass. The process of heating and cooling (or tempering) the glass makes tempered glass about five times stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass is also heat resistant. When broken, tempered glass will break into many small fragments instead of sharp pieces of glass.

Which one is stronger?

Now that you understand how the different types of glass are made, you are probably wondering which one is stronger. How strong a piece of glass is depends partially on its size and thickness. However, as we mentioned before, tempered glass is about five times stronger than normal glass, due to the process used to make it. The strength of safety glass, on the other hand, depends on the strength and thickness of the plastic film or resin between the two pieces of glass. Generally speaking, however, safety glass is considered the stronger of the two.

So which type of glass should you use for your car? The short answer is safety glass. Safety glass has been proven to be stronger and hold up better in an accident. Even in a severe collision, you will find that most safety glass, although it may crack, stays intact. If you are looking to repair or replace auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, be sure that you come in to the glass experts at Eagle 1 Autoglass for all your automotive glass needs!

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