Common Malfunctions That Require Power Window Repair Oklahoma City, OK

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Over the last several decades, automotive technology has improved significantly. The cars that are on the road today are safer, faster and more fuel-efficient than the vehicles that were on the market not all that long ago. In addition to all of the improvements to safety, efficiency and performance, there have also been a number of key advancements in the comfort of modern vehicles. For example, power windows make it easy for drivers to adjust their windows with the touch of a button. However, they don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. If you are having some problems that require power window repair in Oklahoma City, OK, there are a few common issues that might be to blame:

  • Fuse failure: A problem with your power window might be solved by something as simple as a fuse replacement. If the fuse that controls your power window has failed, you might not get any response from your window when you press the button. Power window fuse problems are common because of the increased exposure to moisture that is typical of components near your window. This problem can usually be solved by cleaning your fuse terminals or replacing the fuse.
  • Worn-out regulator: Your power window regulator controls the movement of your window, and this component will wear out over time. Your regulator might wear out at an accelerated pace if you put it under excessive stress by trying to open or close your window on winter mornings when the glass is covered in ice. If your regulator is worn out or damaged, you will need to replace it. This type of window repair in Oklahoma City, OK can be expensive, and may cost up to $1,000 depending on the type of car you have.
  • Faulty switch: If the regulator is still in working condition and the fuse isn’t the cause of your power window malfunction, you might have a faulty window switch. Because the window switch is located in your door, it is more likely to be exposed to the elements, including rain, wind, snow and ice. Even temporary exposure to moisture, like when you open your door to get into your car on a stormy day, can increase the risk of damage to your power window switch. The most common issue with power window switches is corrosion in the terminals. You might be able to resolve the issue simply by cleaning your switch terminals, but if the corrosion is more extensive, you will likely need to have the switch replaced.

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