Comparing Window Glass to Windshield Glass

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Unless you’re in the glass industry, you may not know that auto glass is different than the glass used for your windows at home. All cars use safety glass that’s designed to reduce injuries if it should ever break. However, windshields and your side and rear windows are made differently for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to learn about the differences between windshields and side windows, and why it’s so important to make any repairs or schedule windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK sooner rather than later.

Window glass

Let’s start with the safety glass used for your rear and side windows. This is incredibly strong tempered glass, which is created by heating glass to over 1,000 degrees before rapidly cooling it. Note that your auto glass is about the same thickness as your windows at home, although it’s much stronger. Let’s hope you’re never involved in an accident that breaks your auto glass, but if you are, the glass is designed to shatter into small pieces instead of jagged shards that could injure anyone in the car.

Windshield glass

Your windshield is basically your first line of defense against bugs, rocks or any other debris flying up from the road. Since that’s the case, car manufacturers design windshields to be as sturdy as possible. Instead of being one piece of tempered glass, like a side window, windshields are made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is created by taking two pieces of glass and sticking them together with a thin layer of vinyl in between. When you see a chipped windshield, it’s typically only the outer layer that’s damaged, meaning that you’re still fairly safe on the road.

Why make repairs now?

It can be tempting to put off bringing your car into the shop when your glass is cracked. After all, you’ve got better things to do than hang out at an auto shop waiting on repairs. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons why it’s vital to make those repairs as soon as you notice a crack:

  • Chips and cracks will worsen: It’d be nice if that little chip or crack would stay small. However, that’s rarely how it goes. Chips turn into cracks, which grow both longer and wider as time goes on. The bigger the crack gets, the weaker your window or windshield becomes, which means you’re less safe on the road.
  • Repairs can get more expensive: The latest technology makes small chip repair a quick and easy process, but that’s assuming you address the problem right away. The longer you wait to fix that crack, the more time a professional will need to put in to fix it, meaning the more costly the process is liable to be.
  • Replacement could be necessary: The worst-case scenario would be waiting so long that your window or windshield will need to be replaced. Replacement is a whole lot more expensive than repairs, and could also mean that your car will have to sit in the shop for a few days.

If your windshield or side glass is cracked or chipped, come to Eagle 1 Autoglass as soon as possible to have it repaired or replaced. All of our team members are experts in windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, so you can rest easy knowing that your car is in good hands with us.

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