Cleaning Your Auto Glass This Spring

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It’s time for spring cleaning once again. We’re not just talking about cleaning out your house, though—this spring, you need to take care of your car’s windshield and windows, too. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about cleaning auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK.

Why is clean auto glass important?

Before we get into how you should clean your auto glass, we think you should know why it’s essential to do so! Here are a few of the reasons to spend some time working on your auto glass this spring:

  • Better visibility: Obviously, you can’t see out of your windows if they’re all dirty and grimy. Low or no visibility is a safety hazard for you and all of the passengers in your car. Clean up those windows to ensure you’re able to see everything on the road.
  • Keep up appearances: Everyone’s seen the car with “wash me” written in its dirty windows. Though it might be funny, it reflects poorly on you! Instead of being the butt of the joke, clean up those windows today.
  • Prevent cracks: Dirty windows and windshields don’t just look bad—they can actually lead to cracks and chips. Clean up all that grime before it harms the glass and necessitates repairs.

Tips for clean and streak-free glass

One of the reasons folks avoid cleaning their auto glass by themselves is because they’re afraid it’ll just end up looking streaked when they’re done. Follow the steps below and your glass will look better than it ever has before:

  • Buy the right cleaner: A clean car window starts with the right glass cleaner. Never use a cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol, as these can harm the tint on your windows and cause the surface to bubble. Instead, choose a glass cleaner that’s made for auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK. Though it might cost a few dollars more, these specialty glass cleaners deliver quality results.
  • Get a few quality towels: Using an old rag to clean your auto glass is not a great idea. Instead, buy a few microfiber towels that are specially designed to clean windows. Note that you should always have a couple of towels while cleaning—use one to wipe the window clean, and one to buff the surface.
  • Use the proper motion: A circular buffing motion might seem like the fastest and best way to clean a window, but that’s not the case. Going back-and-forth and then up-and-down results in the cleanest, streak-free glass.
  • Clean glass last: If you’re washing your whole vehicle, be sure to tackle the windshield and windows last. You’d hate to spend time on your glass only to mess it up with suds from cleaning the rest of your car.

Don’t be the driver with the dirty windshield this spring. Get outside and clean your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK right now before it gets uncomfortably hot outside. If you run into any problems with your glass that can’t be solved with a quick wash, bring your car to Eagle 1 Autoglass for any and all repairs.

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