Why Windshield Cracks Spread

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We’ve all experienced it—you’re happily driving down the highway when suddenly a rock smashes into your windshield. Now you’re stuck with a small chip in the glass. This tiny chip might not seem like much, but it could quickly grow into a crack that spreads across the entire windshield, and soon you’ll find yourself needing windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK. So why does a tiny chip in the windshield always seem to spread? Let’s find out:

  • Moisture: Your windshield is composed of two pieces of glass with a single layer of vinyl in between. This means moisture can get stuck inside through a crack. Any water inside will weaken the structural integrity of the windshield. New cracks will then emerge as the moisture expands with any temperature fluctuation.
  • Sun: The heat of the sun can exacerbate any existing chips and cracks. Luckily, parking in the shade can help prevent the problem from worsening until you can call for windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Dirt: Dirt works its way into the layers of the inner windshield through any cracks that are present. This can compromise the strength of the windshield and cause the crack to grow even bigger.
  • Extreme temperatures: Huge temperature swings from summer to winter or just using the heater or air conditioner can be too much for a windshield sometimes. Any extreme swings in temperature between the inside and outside of the car can add more pressure to an already damaged windshield, which can cause the crack to worsen.
  • Uneven roads: Slamming on the brakes, going over speed bumps too fast or an uneven road can put additional stress on a cracked windshield and cause cracks to spread even further.

Why you should prioritize windshield repair

We understand that life is busy, but you should always make repairing a windshield a top priority. The chip or crack will continue to spread rapidly as time passes. Eventually, the accumulation of dirt and moisture between the two layers will make it more difficult to repair the crack or chip. There may be no choice but to replace the entire windshield once it develops into a full-fledged crack. A cracked windshield can make accidents more dangerous because it compromises the structural integrity of the entire car. In fact, a cracked windshield could cave in if you’re involved in a crash and seriously injure everyone in the vehicle.

Additionally, a crack in the windshield can obscure your visibility or distract you from what’s going on ahead. A police officer can also ticket you for driving with a cracked windshield if they determine it is an obstruction.

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