What Every Vehicle Owner Should Know About Auto Glass in Oklahoma City, OK

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There are so many different types of windows for vehicles today that it is more than understandable if you find the auto glass world rather confusing. However, if you’re able to develop a basic understanding of what you need to know about auto glass, this will help you out tremendously in choosing replacement windows for your vehicle, as well as the company you ask to install them for you.

With this in mind, here’s an overview of some of the more important items you should know about auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK.

The types of auto glass windows

As you almost certainly know, the large piece of glass at the front of your vehicle that protects you from wind and debris is the windshield. The rear window is technically not a windshield—it might be close to the size of your windshield, but is located in the back of the vehicle and will not wrap around your vehicle as far as your actual windshield does.

The windows on the front and rear doors will generally be able to roll up and down and are mounted in the door. There are also rear vent windows used in some types of larger vehicles, which crack open rather than rolling down.

Window tools and services for your vehicle

The majority of the windshield repair tools you will find available on the market will involve a fusion of resin with the glass to repair the windshield. These kits typically come with a windshield molding release tool, a sort of blade-like object that allows you to easily cut the molding away from the vehicle during the course of the repair. You may also use a heat gun to try to dry the adhesives more rapidly and will almost certainly want to wear a pair of gloves while making the repair.

The functionality of your vehicle windows

Auto windows are heavily assisted by tracks in the windows, which keep the glass in place in the door while it rolls up and down. There is also a window regulator, which is the device that actually causes the up and down movement of the auto glass in the window. There is a handle that connects to that regulator if you have an older vehicle that does not have powered windows. Otherwise, there will be a motor in the window that supplies the power needed for the regulator to be able to push the windows up and pull them down. Finally, the molding in the window helps to hold the windshield in place, and there are certain types of adhesives that will keep that molding secure in its position.

This is just a brief overview of the various types of auto windows, the parts used in a vehicle window system and the methods and tools used in repairing auto glass. For more information about auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, or to schedule a repair for your vehicle, we encourage you to contact the team at Eagle 1 Autoglass today.

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