The Best Way to Defog Your Car Windows

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You’re running late for work and are rushing to get there on time, only to have the windshield fog up, making it impossible to see the road ahead of you. You’re then left with no choice but to stop and try to defog the windows before you can keep going. Driving with foggy windows can be extremely unsafe because it compromises your visibility of the road.

The car windows and windshields fog for a variety of reasons. It usually happens when the cold air meets windows heated from inside the car. Getting into the car with wet jackets or shoes can do the same thing by raising the humidity level inside the car.

Unfortunately, trying to wipe down the condensation with your bare hands or a towel usually doesn’t cut it. Some methods could even damage the glass, leaving you with no choice but to call for windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Instead, try this surefire method to defog your car windows:

  • Crank up the heat: The first step is to crank up the heat to full blast immediately when you get in the car. The high heat will work to absorb the moisture from the inside of the vehicle.
  • Turn on the air conditioning: This one might not be the most pleasant solution during the winter months, but it works. Switch on the air conditioner after running the heat for a bit. The cold air doubles as a dehumidifier and absorbs all the excess moisture lingering in the air.
  • Switch off the air recirculation: Next, turn off the air recirculation option. This feature is great, but it works against you when it’s time for defogging. Turn it off to let the car draw in the cold air from outside, which will help speed up the process of getting rid of the moisture. This works because the cold outdoor air doesn’t hold as much moisture as the warm air inside the car.
  • Roll down the windows: Brace yourself for the cold and roll down those windows! You only have to put them down for a moment to help replace the humid air inside the car with the dry outside air. Feel free to roll them back up once the windows are fog free.
  • Use a glass treatment: Additionally, treating the windows with a water repellent will prevent future fogging by leaving behind a clear, thin film on the glass. Then, apply an anti-fog to the inside of the windshield using a micro-suede applicator.

It’s as easy as that! Your car windows should be clear of fog in no time. These quick tips should make it a breeze to defog your windows quickly and safely, so you can get back on the road.

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