Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windshield?

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If your windshield sustains a chip or crack of some sort, what’s the better option: to repair or replace? This depends on a variety of factors, including the type of damage and its size and shape.

Here’s some information to help you determine when or when not to opt for windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK.

How do auto glass specialists make repairs?

In most circumstances, small chips and cracks are able to be repaired by a professional auto glass technician, and at a reasonable cost. One general rule that exists in the industry is that if the chip or crack can be covered up by a single dollar bill, then it’s likely safe to be repaired.

Of course, there are certainly some exceptions to this. For example, if the chip is directly in the driver’s line of sight, then it poses a safety risk, as it could impede the driver’s vision while the vehicle is in motion. In addition, if there are more than three cracks or chips on the glass or if the windshield is old and features a number of tiny divots, these are some indications that the glass just needs to be replaced anyway because it’s starting to sustain too much damage. Finally, if the damage occurs right at the edge of the windshield, then this will also likely necessitate replacement, as edge damage could result in the structural integrity of the windshield as a whole being compromised.

Whether you opt for windshield repair or replacement, it’s important to take the necessary steps as soon as possible. According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the windshield acts as an important structural component in many vehicles, and contributes a lot to the vehicle’s overall strength. Getting the repairs made as soon as possible ensures that not only will the windshield itself remain in good condition, but it will also continue to supply the structural benefits it offers to the rest of the vehicle as a whole.

During the repair process, technicians inject a special type of resin or epoxy into the area that’s been chipped. For cracks, technicians may need to drill holes into the end of each crack to be able to more easily inject the resin and to prevent the crack from spreading during the process.

Windshields have three layers: two layers of glass and a layer of resin or polymer in between them. Drilling to the polymer layer takes a great deal of care and experience—breaking all the way through could result in the windshield needing to be replaced even if the initial damage wasn’t significant.

Ultimately, repairs or replacements should be made as soon as possible. All it takes is driving over a pothole, making an aggressive turn, driving over bumps or driving in very cold weather for those cracks to expand and make the issue worse.

For more tips about your options when it comes to windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, contact the experts at Eagle 1 Autoglass today.

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