The History of Auto Glass in Oklahoma City, OK

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It’s hard to imagine driving along the road without a protective windshield guarding us against the elements, flying debris and various bugs, but you don’t need to go too far back in history to see images of vehicles without the luxury of windshields. In this post, we’ll travel back in time and explore the history of auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK and see how far it’s come since the invention of the car.

Life before auto glass

To be frank, folks who drove the first automobiles back in the late 1800s didn’t really have a need for windshields! Their vehicles had a top speed of about 10 miles per hour, practically the same speed as a much more reliable horse-drawn carriage. Additionally, people only took their vehicles out for a drive on clear and sunny days.

As cars progressively got faster and people began driving in more inclement weather, drivers started wearing goggles as a means to see the road in front of them when things got a little sketchy. But as drivers would soon find out, wearing goggles wasn’t the most effective or safe option.

The first auto glass

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that seems to have been the case for auto glass. By the early 1900s, vehicles were reaching speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour, and those goggles just weren’t cutting it anymore—people needed more protection while driving down the road. The first windshields were manufactured in 1904 and were made of heavy plate glass. Without a windshield wiper, though, windshields got dirty really quickly, and were also prone to shattering. While these windshields were better than nothing, drivers still needed a safer and more effective glass.

Advancements along the way

Inventors across the world continued coming up with safer and safer versions of auto glass over the next few decades. Newer windshields were less prone to shattering and better at defending drivers against the elements, thus ensuring a safer ride. Tempered glass that’s designed not to shatter in the same way as plate glass eventually became the norm, and continues to keep us safe to this day.

Auto glass today

In addition to safe tempered glass protecting us as we motor down the road, today’s auto glass can be tinted and even personalized to match your car’s paint job. That’s only superficial, though. Newer cars also have glass with increased functionality. Heating elements and defrosters in front and rear windshields keep ice and fog from forming on your windshield, which means you can enjoy near-perfect vision regardless of the weather outside. We’ve also come a long way in terms of glass repair and replacement. In many cases, professionals can fix or totally replace your auto glass in a very short time.

If your auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK needs to be repaired or replaced, give Eagle 1 Autoglass a call! Now is the perfect time of year to fix your windshield to ensure you’re safe on the road and compliant with all local and state motor vehicle laws.

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