Drafty Windows? Here Are Some Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Are you constantly chilly inside your own home, even when the heat is turned on? If so, the problem might not be with your furnace, but with your windows. Drafty windows allow cold winter air to slip into your home, creating an uncomfortable environment for everyone inside. Outside air coming in also raises your monthly energy bill, creating an unpleasant situation for your wallet.

The good news is that fixing this issue is a lot easier and potentially less expensive than you might think, Keep reading to learn what you need to know about home window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK and how to make those drafty windows more efficient:

  • Window film: Before winter weather officially arrives, it’s a good idea to make a quick run to the hardware store. In the window aisle, you’re bound to find window film. Applying this film will help trap heat inside and block cold air from penetrating your glass. You’ll immediately notice a more comfortable temperature inside and see a lower energy bill next month.
  • Caulking: If you don’t plan on opening your windows any time soon, it’s not a bad idea to apply caulk to the gaps around your window frames. A thick layer of caulk will effectively block any outside air from coming inside, while also preventing your interior heat from slipping out. Before you grab your caulk gun, though, light a match and move it around your window frames. When the match blows out, you’ll know exactly where that draft is coming in!
  • Towels: If you’re on a budget, placing towels at the bottom of the window frame is a quick and easy way to make your windows more efficient. It might not look the best, but it’ll certainly keep your home more comfortable and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Curtains: A more aesthetically pleasing way to save money this winter is to hang thick curtains. Like the window film, curtains will keep heat in while keeping the cold air out. On sunny afternoons, you can open the curtains to allow sunlight to warm your rooms, but be sure to close them again once the sun sets.
  • Replacement: Though all of the methods above will help keep your windows more efficient, the best way to ensure energy efficiency and more comfortable home is to replace all of your old windows. Replacing your windows can be costly, but the money you’ll save in the long run on your energy bills more than makes up for that initial cost. In fact, replacing old single pane windows can save you up to $500 per year. It’s not a bad idea to get a quote for new windows and compare that to how much you spend each month on your energy bill.

If it’s time for new windows, be sure to give Eagle 1 Autoglass a call for home window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK. We have over a decade of experience replacing residential windows of all shapes and sizes, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s no job too big or too small for us to tackle.

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