What You Need to Know About Windshield Repair Before Winter Weather Arrives

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Driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous at any time of year, but this flaw presents unique challenges during the winter months. Not only is the diminished visibility caused by a cracked windshield problematic, but the structural stability of your car could also be in danger during the time of year when accidents caused by adverse road conditions are most prevalent. Follow along to learn just how large a role your windshield plays, and why any cracks or other damage need to be attended to with windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK right away.

Support and protection during accidents

You might not realize it, but your windshield plays a critical structural role for your car, which is especially important with the winter season signaling the start of icy and treacherous driving conditions. If a car rolls over after slipping on a dangerous patch of black ice, a properly functioning windshield provides an extra layer of protection. However, a previously cracked windshield that breaks completely when the car rolls over means that a large portion of the structural support for the roof of the car is gone, creating an even more hazardous situation for any passengers inside the car.

In addition to protecting you from debris that might be flying around after an accident, your windshield is also responsible for the correct deployment of the airbags. If an accident triggers the airbags, the presence of the windshield forces the airbags to deploy towards the passengers. When a windshield is already cracked, however, it is much more likely to shatter upon impact. This means that the airbags might inflate into the open space that was left by the broken windshield, leaving the passengers exposed.

Taking care of your windshield

In order to prepare for the winter driving season, make sure that you thoroughly inspect both your front and rear windshields. If you notice any cracks, make sure to have them repaired immediately. Also make sure that these windows remain clear of any dirt or debris. Excess dirt will give moisture the opportunity to grip the window, which can make the windshield easier to crack when the freezing winter temperatures set in. If the windshield is already cracked, this dirt will draw moisture inside the crevice and make a simple repair much more difficult. Always be sure to follow up with a professional about any abnormalities you may notice, and discuss whether a repair can be done or if a full replacement will be needed.

Now is the time to make sure that both your front and rear windshields are ready for the winter. For help making sure that your windshield is in top shape, bring your car to Eagle 1 Autoglass. We have helped drivers stay protected and safe behind high-quality windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK for over a decade, and if there are any issues with your windshield that need repair or a full replacement, you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time. To have the condition of your windshield inspected, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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