Common Winter Auto Glass Mistakes

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Keeping your car windows’ glass clean and intact isn’t just good for aesthetic purposes—it’s also crucial if you want to be safe out on the road. Driving around with cracked glass puts you and every other driver on the road in danger. Though your vehicle’s glass is incredibly strong, it’s liable to break in the winter if you make one or more critical mistakes. Keep reading to learn what to avoid regarding your glass this winter.

Neglecting to make repairs

Whether it’s from hail or a rock flying off a truck in front of you, your windshield is vulnerable to chips and cracks. Though it’s always important to get these cracks fixed right away, it’s even more crucial in the winter, as water can get in the crack and cause it to expand and spread all the way across your windshield. Be sure to call a professional for mobile auto glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK as soon as you notice any damage to your windshield. The longer you wait, the more dangerous you’ll be on the road, and the more expensive the repair might be.

Removing snow with a shovel

Have you ever walked outside and found that your windshield is covered by several inches of snow? In this scenario, did it seem like you’d never be able to get it all off with your scraper? If so, you may have been tempted to break out the snow shovel to remove the snow in one fell swoop. This is not a smart idea! Removing snow with a heavy snow shovel is bound to lead to scratching or even cracking your glass. Even though it’ll take a bit longer, only use tools that are specifically designed to remove snow from your windshield.

Throwing boiling water on your windshield

Another quick and easy way to get rid of that snow and ice is to bring out a bucket of boiling water from inside. While that certainly will eliminate all of the snow from your windshield, it’ll also thermally shock your glass, which will either lead to a crack or to your glass shattering completely. As mentioned above, you should take the time to scrape off snow and ice using your ice scraper or brush instead of trying to take a shortcut.

Overusing windshield wiper fluid

It’s true that spraying your windshield wiper cleaner gets rid of all the dirt and grime on your windshield. It’s also true that doing so too often can damage your glass. Though the cleaner has additives to help prevent freezing, it can still freeze over when the temperatures are bitterly cold. Needless to say, if that fluid freezes, there’s a greater chance that your glass will crack, which will necessitate mobile auto glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Regardless of how you’ve found yourself with a cracked or broken windshield, be sure to choose Eagle 1 Autoglass for mobile auto glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Our experts will come directly to you to fix or replace your broken glass.

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