What to Do About Car Break-Ins

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Car break-ins are an unfortunate reality tied to modern vehicle ownership. Thieves have developed a range of ways to gain entry to vehicles that are stationary and unattended. While most recently produced vehicles are equipped with an advanced alarm system capable of deterring most break-ins, vehicle robberies are still exceptionally common, especially in dense, urban areas or on highly frequented streets. If you’ve recently been the victim of an auto break-in, you’re likely in need of windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Avoiding break-ins

There are a number of steps that savvy vehicle owners can take to reduce their risk of suffering from a car break-in. Here are just a few things that you can do to make yourself less susceptible to vehicle break-ins:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle: Even if your valuables seem well concealed, thieves are likely to still find them. Leaving valuables in your vehicle can make the pain and frustration of having your car broken into even more impactful.
  • Park in well-lit, monitored areas: Parking your vehicle in area with ample lighting and plenty of video or staff monitoring is one of the best ways to deter theft. While it may cost a little extra to park in a secured lot, it’s often worthwhile; it can save you lots of money and heartache down the road!
  • Install an alarm system: If a would-be thief observes an activated alarm system present in your vehicle, they’re much less likely to target your vehicle. Additionally, the sound of an alarm will likely scare off anyone who does attempt to break into your vehicle.
  • Lock your doors: This one should go without saying, but a number of people neglect to lock their car doors for a number of reasons. Locking your doors can go a long way toward protecting your belongings.

What to do after a break-in

If you’ve already had your car broken into, you may be wondering what steps you’ll need to take to make the situation as minimally impactful as possible. Here are a few steps you should take following your break-in experience:

  • Call the police: The first thing that you should do after suffering a vehicular break-in is calling the police. In many cases, the police report will be essential in order for you to receive a payout from your insurance company.
  • File an insurance claim: Next, you should file a claim with your automotive insurance company. Depending on your policy, they may provide some kind of payout for the stolen items, and for repairing your vehicle.
  • Schedule glass repair: Driving with broken or damaged glass is dangerous. You should schedule repair for your windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK as soon as possible.

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