Do You Need Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK?

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There may come a time when your windshield gets cracked or chipped and you will have to determine the best course of action to fix it. Sometimes the answer is simple, like when the glass is cracked and spidering down the center of the glass. Other times you may not be so sure, such as when the glass has several sizable chips or a long crack. If you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace damaged auto glass, the good news is that there are a few factors you can consider:

  • Visibility through the damage
  • Your ability to drive safely
  • The location, size and depth of the crack or chip

So, which is the best way to fix your auto glass—windshield repair or windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK? Here’s what you need to know. First, some signs that the windshield can be repaired:

  • The crack is less than 12 inches in length or the chip is smaller than 1 inch.
  • The damage is isolated to the outer layer of the glass.
  • If the damage can be fixed without reducing the integrity of the vehicle. In other words, the car is safe to be driving should a collision or impact occur.
  • The chip or crack is nowhere near the glass’ outer perimeter.

Here, meanwhile, are some signs your windshield ought to be replaced:

  • The crack is 14 inches or longer or the chip is larger than 3 inches.
  • The damage has impaired visibility out the front of the windshield. The driver of the vehicle cannot see clearly.
  • Both the inner and outer layers of the glass are broken.
  • A chip or crack is close to a corner or the edge of the windshield.

Before you make a decision about repairing or replacing your windshield, here are five factors to take into account:

  • Safety: Driving with a damaged windshield for short distances is generally not too dangerous, but for safety’s sake, you should make repairs or replace a broken windshield as soon as possible. Auto glass plays an important role in keeping your vehicle structurally sound, and the glass is easily weakened by damage.
  • Visibility: You should never drive a car with severely damaged windshield glass. A lack of visibility due to a damaged windshield is an obvious safety risk. Since this is the case, a full replacement is recommended for glass with cracks or other damage that is in the driver’s line of sight.
  • Position: If the crack is next to or creeping toward the frame of the windshield, then your technician will likely recommend a replacement. Because vibrations occur when the car is in motion, cracks in this position tend to worsen and spread quickly.
  • Depth: Windshields with a damaged inner layer of glass cannot be repaired. Even if the outer layer of glass is intact, your best bet is to replace the entire windshield.
  • Dimensions: There are sizes and types of damage that can be safely fixed—chips up to 1 inch in diameter and cracks 12 to 14 inches long.

Here at Eagle 1 Autoglass, we can help you with a full windshield replacement or small to large windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Call us today for more information about our windshield and auto glass services!

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