Common Causes of Power Window Malfunctions

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Power window malfunctions aren’t particularly common, but when they happen, they often occur with very little warning at all. The most common issue is problems with the motors and regulators, which control the window’s movement, but there are a wide variety of issues that could result in your needing to call for power window repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

As soon as you notice your issues, you should take your vehicle to an automotive repair professional. While malfunctioning windows might seem like more of a nuisance than anything else, they can actually be a safety issue if they get stuck while open and people have access to your vehicle through a window that’s fully or partially ajar.

Here are a few examples of common causes of power window malfunctions:

  • Snow and ice: If you live in a climate that gets lots of cold temperatures, snow and ice, you are potentially at greater risk for issues with your power windows. The cold will freeze the door glass to the frame around the windows. The regulators inside your window are not meant to break the glass free of ice, so if they get cold and frozen, they will wear down the regulators. This means that if your windows are cold and frozen over, you should not attempt to pull down your windows until you are certain they’ve thawed.
  • Overheated motors: Power window issues can be either permanent or intermittent. Intermittent problems tend to lead to long-lasting problems. Overheated motors are one of the causes of these types of intermittent issues. The motor might start to work again once it cools down, but if there’s something wrong with the motor that’s causing it to regularly overheat, you’ll need to have a technician take the door off the frame to check the wiring and the motor itself to make sure everything is operating as it should be.
  • Detached parts: Sometimes the window regulator and cable will completely detach from each other. The cable might break completely, or it could come off its pulley. You might hear a crunching noise if the cable isn’t winding up as it should, and that could indicate the start of regulator failure. If you notice this, bring your car in for repairs as soon as possible to make sure your vehicle remains secure.
  • Debris buildup: Sometimes, debris can get inside the area that houses the motor, cable and regulator and cause problems. This could lead to the master switches (which supply power to the motor) malfunctioning, or to problems with the motor or regulator themselves. Again, you’ll need a skilled professional to remove this debris and get your windows working again.

These are just a few examples of common power window malfunctions and their causes. If you notice any of these happening in your vehicle, it’s important to seek out a trusted professional who can provide power window repair in Moore, OK. Contact Eagle 1 Autoglass to learn more—we look forward to assisting you!

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