Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Residential Glass in Oklahoma City, OK Looking Its Best

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Whether your windows are older or you’ve just installed new ones, the key to ensuring they last a long time is performing regular care and maintenance. Most home window cleaning tasks you can do yourself, but where do you start? What should you do? Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your residential glass in Oklahoma City, OK looking great all year long.


Take a look at your windows after a few weeks of not cleaning them and you’ll see smudged glass, dust around the frames and debris caught in the tracks of the windowsills. But how can this be? It’s not been that long since you gave it a thorough wipe-down. Home windows of all sizes, shapes, quality and colors are always collecting debris along windowsills and any parts of the window that stick out.

To clean your windows, start by using the brush attachment to vacuum away dry dust and dirt. After vacuuming, get a bucket of warm water and mix a mild soapy glass cleaner into it. It’s important that you use a glass cleaner, because regular soap can cause streaking on the glass and leave soapy residue on sills. Take your bucket with the cleaning solution and use a window brush to gently clean the window glass—make up-and-down motions or side-to-side movements when cleaning window glass to avoid water spotting and smudging.


Whether you have just cleaned your windows or you notice condensation buildup, all that moisture needs to be wiped off. Condensation gathers around windows, causing dampness that can damage your windowsills and frames. Once damp, the moisture may seep into wooden windowsills and frames, and the resulting damage is usually mold, mildew or rot. This might ultimately call for window replacement.

The way to prevent condensation inside your home is to make sure there’s not too much moisture in the indoor air supply. You can open the windows on a warm or slightly breezy day to naturally dry out moisture that’s collected around windows. You should also make sure your kitchen and bathrooms have proper ventilation systems in place to suck up moisture in problem areas. A dehumidifier might be a good idea for homes that have moisture in the air all the time.

Lubricate moving parts

Here’s something many homeowners don’t know: You need to keep moving window parts well lubricated. Yes, window rollers, tracks and even locking mechanisms need to be lubricated every couple months or so to ensure smooth movement. Avoid using silicone sprays, as they can damage plastic parts on windows. But you can use a spray furniture polish to keep moving parts sliding and opening without jamming. After the rollers and tracks are lubricated, adjust the lock strike plates (if applicable) to check that windows are sealing properly.

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