What to Do About Malfunctioning Auto Glass in Oklahoma City, OK

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With summer approaching, you may find yourself rolling down the windows in your car more often to enjoy the lovely weather, but what happens when your window won’t roll back up? This is a common issue experienced by drivers, especially those who have older car models. Automatic windows are set on a track that goes down into your car door. Their motion is controlled by cables that are driven by an electric motor. Just like any mechanical or electrical component, this system may begin exhibiting consistent issues over time or stop working entirely. It’s important that you know how this system works and what you can do to get your electric window working again:

  • Check the switch: When you try to roll down your windows, do you hear a clicking sound? If not, it’s possible that your switch isn’t engaging the electrical mechanism at all. This is actually good news, since a switch is much less expensive to repair than other mechanical components of your automatic windows.
  • Rule out window lockout: If it’s just your rear windows that are failing to roll down, it’s possible that you can fix the issue by simply pressing a button. Many cars are equipped with a lockout switch that will disable rear windows as a child safety measure. Check the panel of buttons on the driver side door for a window lock switch and turn it off if it has been activated.
  • Establish the extent of the problem: Although many drivers notice issues with just one window at a time, others experience complete failure of all of their electrically driven windows. In this case, you might have to replace a fuse or relay to fix the problem. You can try this fix on your own, but it might be wise to seek help from a mechanic for assistance.
  • Look for gradual signs of damage: It’s likely that an issue with your mechanical window will manifest itself slowly over time. A gradual decrease in the function of your window indicates that your electrical motor is slowing down and burning out.
  • Pay attention to sticky windows: If your auto glass in Moore, OK seems to stick as you try to roll your windows up or down, you might have a problem with your track. There may be some debris obstructing your glass, or the components may need to be lubricated. Either way, you can have the issue fixed by a company that specializes in automatic windows and auto glass services.

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