How to Protect Your Auto Glass in Moore, OK from Damage This Summer

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Windshields are built strong, but certain weather conditions can cause or accelerate damage to auto glass. Protecting your windshield against damage can save you from expensive repair or replacement bills, and also increases safety on the road for you and your passengers. Want to learn some simple steps to prevent windshield damage? Here’s how to protect your auto glass in Moore, OK from damage this summer:

  • Drive at a safe distance: Roadways pose all sorts of hazards, including flying debris. Large vehicles, like commercial trucks, can kick up rocks, loose asphalt and other debris that can damage your auto glass upon impact. For this reason, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you—especially when traveling at highway speeds—and give big rigs extra room.
  • Don’t park near play areas: Neighborhood children will want to play outside on warm summer days. If you can help it, don’t park near areas where you know kids play all the time, because even if the kids are respectful of your parked vehicle, the toys, balls, bats, rocks, bicycles and other hard objects won’t necessary be. All it takes is one of these items hitting your windshield to crack, chip or break the glass.
  • Be nice to your vehicle: Every neighborhood has that one person who violently slams their car door shut everyday. Is that person you? Slamming vehicle doors can cause undue stress and damage, shaking windows out of their tracks and rattling windshields, which can lead to expensive auto glass repairs or replacement. Be gentle with your vehicle and you’ll reduce the risk of costly damage.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes: Summer temperatures can rocket off the charts in some parts of the country, causing vehicle interiors to heat up. To prevent putting serious stress on your windshield, refrain from turning on the air conditioning right away. Sudden temperature changes can crack auto glass, which compromises stability and reduces visibility. Here are some suggestions to combat this: roll windows down slightly during hot weather to let the heat escape, park in the shade if you can to protect your auto glass or park inside your garage and leave the windows most the way down.
  • Use appropriate cleaning solutions: Not all store-bought or DIY glass cleaners are safe to use on auto glass. In fact, some can cause damage like glass etching, discoloration and stubborn smudging. To avoid damaging your windshield and window glass, avoid cleaners containing harsh chemicals and only use automaker-approved cleaning solutions.
  • Repair cracks and chips quickly: Although most windshield cracks and chips start out small, they can spread quickly across your sightline. The best thing you can do is get it repaired before driving becomes dangerous or the glass needs a full replacement.

Every car owner should take preventative measures this summer to protect their auto glass. If you need new auto glass in Oklahoma City, OK, call the professionals at Eagle 1 Autoglass. We’ll have you seeing clearly again in no time!

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