Know the Common Causes of Window Leaks to Avoid Costly Home Window Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

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There’s a high probability that your home’s windows will begin to leak at some point in their lifetime. Windows leak for a variety of reasons, ranging from normal aging to improper installation to accidental glass or frame damage. You do not want your windows to leak, because leaks let in water, moisture and outside air, all of which can lead to window material damage and uncomfortable indoor temperatures year-round. Whether you can simply add some caulk or need a professional’s help depends on the reasons why your window is leaking.

Air drafts and water pooling on an inside floor are two major signs of window leaks. Leaky windows can cause a host of damaging issues like water damage to floors, walls and furniture. And if water and moisture is present in your home, then you might get mold growth and wood rot. Leak issues need to be taken care of immediately and properly to avoid further damage or water dripping directly inside the walls.

Knowing the most common causes of window leaks can help you avoid costly home window repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Here are a few:

  • Damaged seal: There is a seal around your window glass and frame that can deteriorate over the years, creating gaps and holes that water and air can sneak through. If gaps are found when they’re small, you may be able to fix it with caulk or weather stripping. Call a professional if the damage appears to be spreading—the issue could be more serious than you think.
  • Problems with the flashing: Around your window is a material called flashing that’s installed to prevent water from getting between two window materials—for example, the crack between the window glass and the window frame. Damaged or incorrectly installed flashing can definitely cause a window leak; unfortunately, it’s a hard issue to spot.
  • Clogged weep holes: There may be a weep hole feature on your window—typically seen on storm windows—that acts as a channel for water to escape through instead of getting trapped inside. Weep holes are small, rectangular spaces on the outside of the window that are in place to allow water stuck in the window frame to drain out. Make sure these holes are not clogged with debris, dirt or bugs.
  • Poor installation: You want to do your research to find the best contractor to install your home windows, as with all home improvement projects. Otherwise, you could end up with faulty window parts, a window that’s not designed for the space or a window that’s not properly installed. All this and more could cause window materials to bend, lean and even break.

Some window damage is easy to see, while other problems may be suspected but hidden. An expert window installer can inspect for damage and recommend a course of action. If you are in need of quality home window repair in Oklahoma City, OK, look no further than the experienced team at Eagle 1 Autoglass. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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