The Top Five Causes of Car Windshield Damage

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Cracks in your windshield can sometimes appear as if by magic. Other times, you’re present for whatever causes them. Either way, they need to be fixed quickly! And while yours might be the victim of an unfortunate piece of road debris or an auto collision, you need to realize that auto glass damage is more common than you think and, therefore, easier than you realize to remedy.

Take a look at the five top causes of glass damage the next time you’re staring down the barrel of a windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK:

  1. Collision. Far and away the biggest catalyst for windshield damage is an accident. Whether it’s a fender-bender or a major accident, auto glass can invariably be pushed to the breaking point. And, unless you want a massive crack in your glass to remind you of your brush with danger, you’d be smart to get it fixed ASAP. Remember, most vehicle insurance plans cover glass damage after a collision!
  2. Road debris. From rocks that are kicked up by cars in front of you, to dump trucks hauling loose debris, damage to your windshield can happen in an instant out on the road. You don’t even have to see the debris, either! You might hear it ricocheting off the glass, leaving behind a small crack that will immediately begin to grow bigger.
  3. Hail. Ever been driving in a dangerous Oklahoma storm? How about parked outside during a wintertime hailstorm? Either way, your vehicle has likely taken the brunt of some serious hail. Hail damage is so prevalent as a cause of auto damage that it has its own designation by most insurance providers!
  4. Vandalism. While most vehicles see smashed windows on the driver and passenger sides during a break-in, it’s important to realize that many vandals may damage windshields as well. It’s unfortunate, but vandals may break your windshield out of anger if your car doesn’t yield any loot, or even just for fun—they’re already committing a crime, so what do they care? To make matters worse, this extensive level of damage often outstrips the usefulness of windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK, demanding total glass replacement.
  5. Pressure. Over time, glass can develop mysterious cracks caused by pressure. This is no fault of yours—it’s just what happens with age. For example, in the winter when the temperatures are freezing outside, you may blast hot air inside. Doing this for months, over a period of years, can weaken the glass to the point of developing pressure cracks.

No matter how your windshield becomes damaged, it needs to be set right. Unresolved cracks will worsen and leave you vulnerable to all sorts of issues—including obstructed driving views and cabin inefficiency. It’s worth noting that damaged glass can also count against you on future insurance claims if you fail to resolve it and there’s a record of it existing.

The best thing you can do is file an insurance claim and call Eagle 1 Autoglass for windshield repair in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ll set things right quickly, so you can drive away confidently with glass that looks pristine.

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