Signs You Need Power Window Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

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Power windows are a convenience that many vehicle owners take for granted. It isn’t until your windows are stuck in the up or down position—or somewhere in the middle—and won’t budge that you might realize how useful power windows are and how frustrating it can be to have them not functioning properly.

The window motor and regulator assembly in your car door is responsible for making your power windows move up and down with the push of a button. If this motor fails, the window might get stuck and possibly even break. If your window motor fails, you’ll need to get it replaced.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your motor completely stops functioning to get power window repair in Oklahoma City, OK. There are a few signs that you might notice that indicate your window motor is beginning to fail so you can have it replaced as soon as possible. If you notice any of these four signs with your power windows, call a professional to have your car’s window motor inspected and replaced:

  • Window speed changes: One of the first signs of a failing window motor is the speed at which your window raises or lowers. Power windows are designed to operate at a specific speed for your safety and to avoid damage to the window glass. If your window seems to be moving much faster or slower than it normally does, this is a strong indicator that your window motor should be checked out and replaced.
  • Window doesn’t respond immediately: You also might notice that when you press the button to raise or lower your power window, it doesn’t respond immediately. If you find you have to press the button multiple times before the window moves, you might need power window repair in Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Strange sounds: Hearing strange sounds from your vehicle is generally not a good sign, and the same rule applies to your power windows. If you hear a clicking, grinding or crunching sound when you roll up your windows, your window motor might be starting to fail.
  • Window falls on its own: If you roll up your window and it suddenly falls a little, won’t stay up or even falls into the door panel, you’re probably having trouble with your window motor and regulator assembly. The window is supposed to be held up by the motor and assembly, so if it’s falling, it’s likely broken and needs to be replaced.

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